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    If you guys have a great time, you're both left wanting more." —Greg G." /"Please don't assume we're going to the nicest restaurant in the city because I won't take you there.

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    Unlike most other dating sites, e Harmony only allows users to contact those the system has determined to be highly compatible, and sometimes this process can take weeks - even months - to receive enough of a sample size to pay the higher-than-normal fee.To offset the price of e Harmony (more than any other on this list) take a peek at the review for some suggestions on how to get e Harmony for free (or, pretty close).It’s impossible to know exactly where these trends in Internet-related language will go next.However, we can feel confident that as the Internet grows and morphs, so too will the language we use to describe it.Nick - come on baby [picks her up] lets go fool around a bit Leah - NO! Nick - I dont care [takes her to his room] Leah - Nick put me down!!! Leah - [shakes her head] Nick - LEAH TAKE IT BACK!!!! Nick - [kisses her] Leah - [deepens it] Nick - [starts making out with her, rolls over so shes on top] Leah - [pulls away, lays on him] Nick - [kisses her] Leah - [pulls away, lays on her stomach, rests her head on his chest] Nick - [smiles, rubs her back] Leah - [realizes what just happened, sits up] Nick - whats wrong? Leah - but ----- Joe - [comes in] Nick can I borrow a ---- [sees Leah laying on Nick in just her bra and underwear] whats goin on?Nick - okay [puts her down on the bed, goes to sit on her stomache] Leah - [moves her legs up so he cant] ARE YOU CRAZY!! Leah - NICK IM PREGNANT Nick - I kno Leah - SO YOU CANT SIT ON MY STOMACH IF IM PREGNANT!!!! Leah - Nick I cant do this Nick - do what [pulls her back down on him] Leah - Nick I have a boyfriend Nick - I kno, me Leah - no Joe!!! Leah - [gets off of Nick, goes over to Joe, hugs him] Joe - [pushes her away] Leah whats goin on?

    (However, in some countries in which Internet use is restricted or controlled by the government, the term , for example, have surged in use as people have become increasingly concerned about online security and the personal and social outcomes of an interconnected online world. It is not uncommon for tech-savvy people to playfully use old-fashioned-sounding terms or awkward sentences to comically contrast with their actual technological competence; for example, replacing for the sake of humor the simple suggestion to “look it up online” with “ask the Interweb.” They also may indulge in facetious grammatical errors—like “I has a hotdog”—and conspicuous misspellings—like “teh lolz kitteh” for “the funny cat.” Popular Internet memes can take this playfulness further: for example, ), in which animal photos are paired with their imagined, usually humorous thoughts.

    almost the 100 th ep : D make sure you read other parts, i've uploaded a lot today and theres still more to come : D enjoy ----------------------------------------------------------- Nick - we were talking about me controlling you!

    Not me punching Joe Leah - NO WE ARENT TALKING, WE ARE NEVER TALKING AGAIN!!!! Nick - [tightens his grip around her] too bad cuz you cant get rid of me Leah - please Nick, why cant you just leave me alone?

    Some new terms that at first seemed aptly modern quickly turned out to be inadequate to encompass what the Internet rapidly became.

    For example, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the metaphor was popularized by former Vice President Al Gore to help people visualize how the Internet could become a part of their everyday lives.

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