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The price tag for the base and related construction in a city that already hosted at least sixinstallations: upwards of 0 million since fiscal year 2007. Nonetheless, Italy has grown increasingly important as the Pentagon works to change the make-up of its global collection of 800 or more bases abroad, generally shifting its basing focus south and east from Europe’s center. About the only people who have been paying attention to this build-up are the Italians in local opposition movements like those in Vicenza who are concerned that their city will become a platform for future U. These amenities are actually rather modest for a large U. A Pentagon Spending Spree Beyond Vicenza, the military has been spending mightily to upgrade its Italian bases. In the process, it has spent at least 0 million on more than 300 construction projects (Washington convinced NATO to provide more than half these funds, and Italy ceded 210 acres of land for free.) Beyond these “Aviano 2000” projects, the Air Force has spent an additional 5 million on construction since fiscal year 2004.