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On abrogas lego per altra lego, dekreto per altra dekreto, qua nuligas l'antea. — DFIRSabord-ar: (tr.) to land on a (shore, a wharf, etc.); to board (a ship, a vehicle); (fig.) to go alongside, come up close to. — EFISabort-ar: (intr.) to abort, miscarry; (fig.) to come to nothing, fail; -o: miscarriage; -ala: abortive; -igar: to cause a. — DEFIRSabsolut-a: absolute: unlimited, unrestricted; -ajo: (philos.) something unconditioned; -o: an absolute being; -e: absolutely; -ismo: absolutism; -isto: absolutist; ablativo absoluta: ablative absolute. Def.: Expresas relato di kontigueso, di apud-pozeso IV-409. — De FISante: (prep.) before (of time); -a: preceding, former, previous, last, prior; -e: previously, before, heretofore; -eso: anteriority, priority; -ke: before (that); lu arivis ante me: he arrived before me; ante du kloki: before two o'clock; ante ne-longe: not long ago; ante nun: before now; -diluvia: antediluvian; -hiere: the day before yesterday; -lasta: (the one) before last; -mariaja: antenuptial; -mortar: to predecease: die first; -pre-lasta: antepenultimate. — De FIRSantipati-ar: (tr:) to have an antipathy, aversion to (or against); -o: antipathy; instinctive aversion, natural repugnance; -inda: (what is) antipathetical, repugnant; -oza: (who feels antipathetical, full of aversion. — DEFIRSantiqu-a: antique, ancient: of a former epoch; -ajo: an antique; -eso: antiquity; -aj-isto: antiquary. — DEFISapart-a: apart: separately, aside, alone; -a paroli: words spoken aside. ordinar) -o, -eso, -uro: (act, state, result) arranging, disposition; Ex.: Aranjar libri sur tablo. autoro); -ilo: a writing instrument, pen, etc.; -il-aro: stand for ink and pens; collection of writing instruments, pens; en-skrib-ar: to inscribe; en-skrib-uro: inscription; -achar: to scrawl, scribble; -kuseno: a pad to write upon; -mashino: typewriter; mashin-skribar: to typewrite; -tablo: writing-table, -desk. on transformas la bloko a ta figuro korpala; VII-414. — DEFIRSsolicit-ar: (tr.) to solicit: earnestly apply for (cf. suci-ema); -anto, -ero, -isto: solicitor, canvasser. tinklar); -o: sound, ring, striking: -lud-ilo: rattle. EFISsond-ar: (tr., intr.) to take soundings in; (gen.) to sound: ascertain the depth of, explore the nature of the bottom; to fathom; (fig.) to try, test; (med.) to probe (with a probe), to sound (with a sound); (mining) to make a boring; -ilo: (nav.) sounding-line, -lead; (surg.) probe; sound; jetar la sond-ilo: to heave the lead.